Madison J Photography | Cake Smash Details!


Here is where you can find information about our One Year & Cake Smash sessions!  


Being ONE is just so much fun and should be celebrated!  Cake Smash Sessions are a great way to incorporate who your child is, what they love, and show off their fun, little personalities at this age…  


300 dpi 16x16 storyboard

The details:

First, you'll choose a package from HERE.  To that package, we'll add the Cake Smash.  Each Cake Smash Session is $95, plus tax, which includes the cake and a 16x16 collage of the Smash (Smash Sessions are $85, plus tax, if you provide the cake). 

Also, we'll discuss what colors and/or theme you would like for their smash.  Most parents choose themes from their one year old's birthday party, and use those props to decorate for their session.  We also encourage you to bring balloons or other party items you would like to see in your child's smash session.


Collage Sample:

16x16 Collage16x16 Collage300 dpi 16x16 storyboard


How it's done:

Typically, we start out with our regular, one year shots--with as many outfit changes as your child will allow, then we move to the smash before we think they will be done! 


What to bring:

Any decorations you would like in your smash session must be brought to the session.  

Also, don't forget--they will be messy!  Bring plenty of wipes and a change of clothes.  We do have a sink available to wash those sugary fingers and toes.


**PLEASE ALSO NOTE** For cake smashes, we do not like to be the first to give children egg and/or dairy. So, we ask that every child has either had cake, or these individual ingredients before doing a smash at the studio. (We can do an eggless cake for an additional $10, pt)  This will be verified prior to doing any Smash Session.


20x20 Collage20x20 Collage300 dpi 16x16 storyboard


When to schedule:  

If you are wanting your smash photos back in time for your one year old's party--please plan to have your smash session at least 4 weeks in advance.  Otherwise, schedule at your earliest convenience!


If you do not wish to do a Cake Smash Session, that's ok!  We would still love to photograph your one year old!  You can see our regular, In Studio Session information HERE.


Have any additional questions?  

Please feel free to call us at 865.318.1355 or email us at


Thank you!