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Newborn Session Information



Newborns are one of my favorite types of photo sessions.  I love capturing all of their little features and expressions. This special time goes by so quickly, as they are changing so fast!  The best time to have your newborn photographed is before 2 weeks of age, and is better if done before 10 days.  After 2 weeks, babies sleep less soundly and poses are not as easily met.  They also can become colicky or baby acne can start to flare after 2 weeks as well.



The best time to schedule is before you have your baby.  Planned C-sections and inductions can have your photography session scheduled in advance.  If the baby is deciding their arrival, we will use your due date to secure your session.  We will expect a call from you as soon as your baby arrives.



We like to think of newborn photography as an art.  It's not like any other photo session.  We take our time to work with your little one to get the best pictures possible, even to the smallest detail.  Sessions generally last anywhere from 2-4 hours, allowing plenty of time for feeding, comforting, and a variety of poses. Don’t stress if your newborn is fussy, we will patiently work with your little one to get the best photos possible.


Also, we love when our clients bring special props to their newborn sessions.  It's such a special way to make your images your own!  Let us know what you would like, and what you plan on bringing--and we'll try our best to incorporate the items if possible.



After the session, we then take the time to carefully edit your best photos.  This generally takes 1-2 weeks.  Then, you will receive a free, online gallery to view your little ones photos!


Some simple guidelines to make your session as smooth and productive as possible:

*Keep your newborn awake for 60-90 minutes before leaving for your shoot.

*Plan to feed your little one right before you leave for your session, or just upon arriving at our studio.

*Please bring a paci or bottle for extra comforting for your newborn.

*Bring plenty of wipes and cloths for spit up—babies are not shy about just going, but that’s fine!  It’s just part of the newborn experience!  : )

*Please dress yourself in layers when coming to our location.  The studio must be kept toasty warm to keep newborns happy and sleepy.* 


Also, feel free to bring things that you would like in your photos of your newborn, like special hats or even dad’s football.  We’ll try our best to incorporate any special interests in your photos.


Newborn photos can also be done On-location for an additional fee.


Have any more questions?  Those questions may be answered HERE.  Otherwise, please feel free to call or email us!  Thank you!