Madison J Photography | Wedding Q and A


We are so excited that you have taken the time to consider us as your wedding photographers!  As we're sure you've seen, each and every photographer you'll interview prior to choosing may do things a little differently…  So, we'd like to take the time to answer some of your questions here!


Q.  First things first. Is my date available? How far in advance should we book?  

A.  We sure hope so!  Weddings can book several months in advance. Please call us at 865.318.1355 or email us at to check on your date!  


Q.  Do you travel?  What's your travel fee?

A.  Yes!  We love to travel!  If your wedding is outside of 15 miles of our studio location, please call or email to get an exact quote.


Q.  Can we set up and interview to meet you?

A.  Yes.  We love interviews!  It's a great way to get to know you and what you're needing, and answer any additional questions you may have.  We do all of our interviews at our studio location in Dandridge, TN.  Please call us at 865.318.1355 or email us at to set up your interview.  


Q.  What equipment do you use? Do you have back up gear?

A.  Here is a list of the gear that will be coming to your wedding:


2-Canon 5d Mark III

Canon 5d Mark II

Canon 7d (back up)



Canon 85/1.2

Canon 70-200/2.8

Canon 24-70/2.8

Canon 35/1.2

Canon 24/1.4

Canon 100/2.8 macro

Canon 50/1.4 (back up)

Canon 24-105/4 (back up)



2-Canon 580EX 


Q.  Do you have a wedding portfolio I can look over?  Are all of the images yours? 

A.  Yes, I have a collection from the weddings we have done that can be viewed HERE.  And, yes--we have taken all of the photos, and can show full albums from any of our weddings.


***A note to all brides, whether you go with us, or any other photographer--please make sure you read THIS, and make sure the photographer you are thinking of hiring has taken the photos you are seeing on their website.  This is becoming a major problem in the photography industry, and your wedding is not the time to find this out!***


Q.  What packages do you offer?  Can I customize them based on my needs?  What package do you recommend the most?

A.  You can see our wedding packages HERE.  And, yes, adjustments can be made to meet your specific wedding needs.  If you have any questions about customizing, etc…  It is best to call or email us.  


Also, if I can recommend any package--without a doubt, it would be one that includes "Getting Ready".  These images are always so special, packed with emotion, and usually some of my favorites.


Q.  So, TWO photographers are included in EVERY wedding package?

A.  Yes.  My husband and I are a team, and we shoot every wedding together.

















Q.  Now, when you say "formals"…  What does that mean?

A.  "Formals" covers a broad range of photos, since each family & wedding party can vary vastly…  This can include bride & groom, bridal party, family members, and other special guests.  If you have any questions detailing formals, please call or email us.



Q.  And, photo booth?

A.  Oh!  I love photo booth set-ups!  This is a great way to engage with your guests during your reception--and, to make sure that you have a lasting memory (however hilarious it may be) of each of them!  

If you choose to add our photo booth to your wedding, we will bring a bunch of fun props and a backdrop (if requested/needed), set up in an approved spot in your reception area , and let the guests filter through during your reception!  (The booth is only ran during open reception times, and is closed during appropriate times--i.e. toasts, cake cutting, etc…)  














Q.  And, all of the packages include a DVD?  How many photos will we receive?  Are they high resolution?  Do we receive a print release?

A.  Every wedding receives a custom printed DVD from their day.  This DVD will include all of the edited images from your wedding gallery in a  high resolution format (there is no size limit on what can be printed) that can be printed anywhere.  You will have a release form that can be taken to printing companies that request it.


Also, I do not have a specific number of images that are given.  Every wedding is so different, whether you have a large wedding and bridal party or a smaller, more intimate affair.  I will not throw in junk images just to meet a quota, but I will amply cover your day, and not stop because we've "met a quota" either.


If you are still concerned about the number of images you will be receiving, a typical, simple 15 minute ceremony usually results in anywhere from 75-100+ images.  (That comes 5-6 photos a minute!)  So, no worries!  We will cover your day.


Q.  Can we have raw, unedited images?

A.  No.  We do not release the raw, unedited images from any wedding.  We take great care with selecting the absolute best images from your wedding and editing them with our own unique touches.  We believe that we are doing our clients and ourselves a major disservice to release unedited images, because they are missing all of the final touches that make an image just right. 


Q.  Can I give you a list of specific shots we would like to have taken?  Do you photograph details?

A.  Yes!  We welcome lists!  Each and every family is so different, and there is no one list I could have that would fit everyone, so any help you can give us in knowing how to best meet your wedding needs is the best way to make sure nothing and no one is missed.  Also, if you have some favorite images you've seen somewhere, say Pinterest perhaps…  Feel free to share these with me (and, even link me to your boards!) and this will give us a better idea of how to best meet your photography needs on your wedding day!


And, yes!  You worked so hard to make all of those details special to you--and we want to make sure they are remembered. We love wedding details and will happily document these for you.


Q.  Will you be photographing other sessions the day of my wedding?

A.  Nope.  If you book your wedding with us--you will be our only priority for the whole day.


Q. Do you come to the rehearsal?

A.  Yes, and this is no additional charge.  We want to be as prepared as possible for your wedding.  Whether its getting to know your location and lighting, finding the best angles for your photos, or learning your order of service for your ceremony--we want to know.  This will insure more and better photos for you!


Q.  How long before I get to see my photos?  What about FB sneak peeks?

A.  Full wedding albums can take up to 8-10 weeks to be completed.  We try to have Facebook peeks up within 3-14 days.  (FB peeks are done only with permission from the Bride & Groom.)


Q.  What will you be wearing?

A.  We will wear what is appropriate for your wedding.  Although, we will never arrive in jeans and t-shirts, no matter how casual your attire is!


Q.  Are you going to jump up on the platform with us during our ceremony?

A.  Although this question is meant to be a joke--believe it or not, I have seen this done!  No, we will not be joining you on your platform for photos.  We will do what needs to be done to get the photos, without being obtrusive, and getting in the way of any moment.


Q. Is it okay if other people take photos while you’re taking photos?

A.  In general, yes.  Provided it does not interfere with the goings on.  We have been hired by you to give you professional images, and we want that to be accomplished.  This is a great article, written by a photographer, that very honestly covers photography etiquette for the day, and helps guarantee that your photos will go on without incident.  Also, if you foresee any issues, maybe you could consider an unplugged wedding?  It's not for everyone, but is something to consider...


Q. What time will you arrive at the site and for how long will you shoot?  What's a typical photo schedule for a wedding day?  If my event lasts longer than expected, will you stay? Is there an additional charge?

A.  If you do decide to book with us, we will meet to go over your contract, retaining fee, and schedule.  Our arrival time and any additional schedule details will all be addressed during this time.  Although no two weddings are the same, a general timeline may look something like this:


8:00am--(Photog 1)Meet with Bride at salon for hair & make up photos.  (Photog 2)Meet with groom for getting ready.

10:00am--Meet for First Look.

10:30am--Begin with Bridal Party photos.

11:00am--Finish for break before ceremony.

12:00pm--Ceremony Start.

12:30pm--Formals to follow Ceremony.

1:00pm--Reception to follow.

*Stay until discussed time and coverage.*


Remember, this is just a general timeline.  Your's will be tweaked to meet your wedding day needs.  Here are a few helpful tips that can help maximize your wedding day schedule as well!


Also, if your event goes long, in general there is not an additional charge--unless it becomes excessive.  But an extra 30 minutes will never be an issue  Any concerns on timing or additional fees would be discussed during your booking meeting.  


Q.  Do you recommend a First Look?

A.  Yes.  BUT, it is definitely not required!  Want to know more about First Look?  See HERE and HERE.


Q.  So, what can we do with our credits?  What additional products do you offer?

A.   We offer just about any product--whether it's prints, canvases, albums, memory books, custom thank you's, and more!  We can discuss any and all of these items when we meet.  I do keep some samples in our studio to view as well.


Q.  What is the ordering process? How long after I order my photos/album will I get them?

A.  The ordering process varies per item.  Prints and canvases have a relatively quick turn around (1-2 weeks or less).  Albums and other memory items can take a little longer due to design time, changes, and approval.  Any concerns with turn around can be discussed on any product we offer when we meet.


Q.  Will I receive a wedding contract?  Do you require a deposit?  What is your refund/cancellation policy?

A.  Yes--a wedding contract must be signed prior to your wedding.  This will be discussed and signed during your booking meeting.  There is a 30% retainer due to reserve your date.  Until this retainer is paid, the date is not secured.  The rest of the payment is due on or before the rehearsal.  The retainer is nonrefundable.  


Q.  Do you offer a payment plan?

A.  Payment plans may be an option, please call or email for details.


Q.  Do you have liability insurance?

A.  Absolutely!


Q.  We think we'd like to book you!  So now what do we do?

A.  Yay!  How exciting!  The next few steps are the easy part…  Please either call us at 865.318.1355 or email us at and we can set up your interview or booking meeting!


Thank you!